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FABscribe Transcription Services employs the best of the best transcriptionists in the industry. Our editors are with more than 20 years' experience specializing in almost every specialty of transcription. We provide high quality medical, legal, and general transcription services to individual doctors, practices, hospitals, and other transcription companies in US, UK, Canada, and Australia at very low rates. The best way to experience our service is with the 7-day no-obligation free trial. We transcribe the following specialties:
  Allergy and Immunology
  Hematology   Physical Therapy
  Internal Medicine
  Plastic Surgery
  Nephrology   Psychiatry
  Chiropractics   Neurology and Neurosurgery   Radiation Oncology
  Dentistry   Occupational Therapy   Rehab Medicine
  Oncology   Rheumatology
  ENT   Ophthalmology   Sleep Medicine
  Family Practice   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery   Sports Medicine
  Gastroenterology   Orthopedics   Urology
  General Surgery   Pain Management   Vascular Surgery
  Geriatrics   Pathology   Workers' Comp
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